Sprinter Van rear awning

How to easily increase shelter and privacy – without modifying your van

Space inside your van is precious.

Wish you had more shelter and privacy at the back of your van?
 – Shelter from the hot sun or pouring rain?
 – Privacy for your outdoor shower or to change out of messy clothes?

Now you can easily add privacy and shelter to protect you and your crew.

The Hangout:

– Provides extra shelter from sun and rain
– Adds a private room to change clothes and shower
– Installs easily, no van modifications needed
– Engineered to last
– Compact, won’t permanently take up space in your van

How it works

Sandy places door cover on NCV3 sprinter van

Easy set-up

Grab the roof poles and place it on top of your van while standing on the ground. No ladder needed. 

Integrated magnets act like helping hands to hold the canopy in place while you finish setup.


The domed roof and integrated side panels help keep rain out, protecting you and your gear.

Rear door canopy on sprinter van.


The privacy screen creates a private room. Strong magnets hold it closed while you change clothes or shower.

More room

Pull the privacy screen out and you create more than 40 square feet of covered space.

Van privacy curtain raised for awning
rear canopy awning storage case


It packs down small – saving precious space in your van.

van rear canopy at mount rainier

Custom designed for you

Space inside your van is precious. Even the most efficient design can feel limiting for everything you want to do. The Hangout was refined over two years, with generous contributions from Sprinter Forum members, to provide you with an easy-to-install rear door canopy and privacy curtain that packs down small.

Customer comments posted on the Sprinter Forum:

“Spectacular, thank you Pat so much, great quality, easy install and just made my 144 a 176.”   Lruss

“Installation was simple even without the directions”   cc_windsurfer

“The rear door cover provides the perfect privacy to shower off outside and keep the rest of the van clean and dry. We absolutely love it. I would recommend it to anyone.”    Recoopn

“I cannot recommend this must-have part for your van enough nor can I tell you enough how great it is to deal with an honourable guy like Pat.”  IRHERE

Email questions to: pat@go-hangout.com

Here's what to do:

1. Check fit

Verify the Hangout will fit your van model.

2. Email Pat

I’m here to answer your questions.

3. Place order

Then go hang out with more shelter and privacy!


I know you want to be an independent explorer, free to play and work in comfort where and when you want. But space in your van is precious, which may limit what you can do inside and leave you feeling exposed to the elements and public view when you’re outside of the van. I understand you’ve thought carefully about how to get the most from your van and believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort and function. That’s why I worked with knowledgeable van owners like you to design an easy-to-install rear door canopy and privacy curtain so you can expand your shelter and privacy when and where you need it. All you have to do is: 1) Check fit. 2) Email me with any questions. 3) Place your order. Buy now to expand your shelter and privacy when needed, so you can explore and work from your van with more comfort and confidence.

How precious is that indoor space?

The largest Sprinter van, 170-inch wheelbase with extended length, has 116 square feet of floor space from gas pedal to rear doors before any insulation or panelling are added. For a $50,000 van that is more than $400 per square foot. My friend’s custom-built van is a very precious $1,600 per square foot. The Hangout will add more than 40 square feet of covered space to the back of your van with the awning extended.


The Hangout consists of two products, a door canopy and separate privacy curtain.



An optional awning accessory kit includes custom length telescoping poles, 12-foot-long reflective guy lines with aluminum tension adjusters, and tent stakes to make awning setup quick & easy.  $59

Success guarantee: You will easily add shelter and privacy when you need it or your money back.

The Hangout is made in the USA.

Carefully engineered for durability  (learn more)

User-friendly installation  (learn more)

Is the Hangout for everyone? Not yet. Currently the Hangout only fits Mercedes Sprinter 2 and 4 wheel drive high-roof 2007 and newer model year vans.

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